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Jane Coulthard Make up Tutorial

So January and February is generally a quiet time for me in terms of Make Up for clients. However more and more clients are wanting to learn how to apply there make up them self’s and are booking me for 1:1 tutorials or make up parties.Especially after my pervious article when I made up Kath. A feature targeting 50 plus.

I get the impression most of use go though that New year, new you feeling. Trying to start as a means to go on. Tutorials isnt something I have pushed but something I have been chased to do. However, I was approached by Jane, who owns Jiggery Pokery on Fisher street.

Janes approach to womens style is a breath of fresh air. Jane believes it’s all about the overall image and how it makes a women feel confident and beautiful within themselves. This is where Jane asked me about make up and hair.

” I just want our boutique and our team to be inspirational to our clients” Jane

Jane has asked me to come into her boutique and discuss and teach make up skills to her Clients and her staff in an event she will be organising soon, where she will be showcasing her Spring collection. Jane talked to me about even the smallest of changes to your wardrobe with a necklass or scarf can brighten and boost a womens confidence. I could not agree more. However my theory is that if your hair and make up is good then you will feel more confident with what ever you are wearing. You can read more about what we did in the next issue of the Carlisle Guide Magazine


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