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Wedding Morning

The Wedding Morning


Generally every wedding morning runs in the same sequence. I will always have a set amount of clients to get ready, within a set time. The room will be full of emotion with people not sure what to expect. This is the same wherever the venue.


Your wedding morning does not have to be at all stressful, if this has been planned correctly. This should genuinely be an enjoyable part of your day.



Before I start the hair & make-up process, I would always ask that the bridal party have appropriate clothing on. For example, please wear items that can be easily removed without disturbing the hair and make-up. Hoods can also often get in the way of hairstyling.


Many Bridal parties wear beautiful dressing gowns, which are personalised for the day and look brilliant in the photos.


I would ask any clients who are using contact lenses on the day, to just ensure that the lenses are in and also settled before I apply any make-up.


I will give you instructions beforehand for the bridal party regarding hair, so that this is prepared, ready for the wedding morning ahead.


Venue set up

I can easily navigate myself around a hotel room, but will need to place clients next to a window for daylight, when applying make-up. A table for my kit is really handy and I will require a chair for the client to sit on.  I will also need a plug and a mirror for hair (if applicable) However, I can bring anything, if a venue does not have these facilities. We can discuss this in the run up to the day.



Ideally, food is best bought to the room if you are staying in a hotel. This keeps all the clients together and ensures no one in the wedding party misses their slot in the running order.  Please try to create some space in your hotel room for this, as your hair stylist and make–up artist tend to be using the tables.

Please try to eat before or after hair and make-up. Please not during the session.

You are of course welcome to enjoy a drink whilst in the chair and we can touch up lips later.




I like to put together a simple schedule for the bride and her bridal party. I allocate 30 minute slots for each make up client. The bride is normally 3rd, but definitely not last.

If hair is also being styled, times may vary.

Being 3rd also allows your make up to sit into the skin before touch ups (if required) and also allows you to deal with other priorities of the day, before you get in to your dress.



The schedule also allows enough time for me to set up my kit and also pack this away, plus any time for amendments – if required.


Discuss with your photographer/videographer if you want them present whilst getting your make up done. Personally, I prefer them arriving after completion, or just before I finish. It just allows more space and you will feel more confident with make-up applied.

We can also always get photos during your touch up.


Your dress may take some time to get into, so please consult your supplier and try and work this time out separately too.


I have found in my experience having a clear organised schedule allows everyone to relax on the wedding morning. Being the bride, you know your bridal party best, so when we discuss the party details, let’s try to allocate time slots to suit each individual.





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