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Bridal Trials

Trials – Step 3 of booking process

Trial Date

After the deposit is paid we can move onto organising your trial. This can be anxious or exciting. I have written this blog to help you.

I like to book my Brides within 4 months prior to the wedding day.  However, exceptions can be made, for those living further afield or abroad. Make up is always best viewed in daylight, so where possible please try to arrange a trial during the day. All trials are carried out in a private room in my home, with ample parking.

Company / Bridesmaids /Mothers

Your trial is my personal opportunity to get to know you and discover more about your needs and the look you require. Trials are a one on one consultation, however if you prefer to have someone with you, please limit this to yourself, plus one. It is so important that you can relax and make decisions. I’ve found in my 10 years’ experience that brides can sometimes be overwhelmed with opinions within a group environment.

Since rolling out this request, I would say all of my brides say how comfortable and at ease they felt with me, on the morning of their wedding.


The Trial

It is really important to be open and honest about your likes and dislikes. We need to establish a good level of communication to achieve your desired look. Please feel free to bring images of any looks you like, or we can even take a look at examples of your usual make up. I will of course give you my input.

Sometimes clients hold back from telling us what they really desire, as they think it’s unachievable. Truly anything is achievable. For example, you can buy extra hair if you need to, or get a dewy make up look – without this sliding off later in the day. It is always nice to assess your options and experiment with what we could do for you, on your day.

Skin can change day to day and many factors determine how our skin behaves. Particularly, during the winter and summer seasons.

I adapt my techniques and products to suit the skin sat in front of me, at that time. However, please be assured the overall result will always reflect the trial.

Please do not be concerned if you wear little, to no make-up and you are unsure of what you like. This is perfectly fine and we can maintain a more natural look. Please do not feel any pressure in wearing anything you’re not truly comfortable with. It is a myth that brides ‘need more make-up for the photographs’, all my make -up is photographical which makes the photographers editing job easy.

Make Up Only Trials  last approximately 1 hour.

Hair and Make Up Trial s approximately 2hours.

However, on the actual wedding day, we won’t require as much time per head. You will be sent separately a schedule for the day – See Blog “Wedding Morning” for more information.

Making the most out of your trial

I know that some of you may want your trial on the day of your Hen Party, but often this can be more stressful than expected, as your mind can be elsewhere. I guess this depends on what you have planned that day.

You can always book a second appointment separately for your Hen Party, with perhaps a slightly different look.

None Trials

I have in the past, had many clients which have travelled to venues, which are away from their home, which often means they can’t actually have a trial. This is not a problem and is actually my favourite type of job to do.  My social media shows plenty of images and videos of me and my clients, which you can refer to. No filters are used in these images and videos. I often arrive a little earlier for these clients too, so we can communicate and achieve your required look with ease.

For none trials, I deduct the price of the practical session:-

Meaning a deduction of £35 for make-up/or a deduction of £80 for both hair and make-up.  This will all be discussed in writing during the initial enquiry. Full deposit & booking will secure your date.

I really do hope this was useful and gives all clients a good understanding of what trials are like, what to expect and what can affect them.






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