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Bridal Preparations

So am sat on a rainy mid week day off. I am right in the middle of my busiest season.

Thursday to Monday. People get married any day of the week nowadays.


Cumbria, The Lake district, The heart of weddings.  I meet people from all over the world that come here to get married.


How -ever everybody’s wedding morning runs pretty much the same.  You can read all the magazines and blogs you search, but who better to give you an insight of what is expected than me or your hair dresser.


Majority picture a wedding morning in a mad panic of chaos.  I really don’t know where people get this from.


If you have booked the right people the morning is scheduled perfectly.  I discussed this with Carol who runs Carol Roberts Bridal Shop. They don’t have difficult clients as they offer such good customer service and know their trade inside out. As do i.


So here are my top tips to prepare you and to ease your mind if your anxious about the preparations.


Booking your Artist.

I always need the exact date of the wedding before getting into any conversations further. Girls book me 18 months in advance. I don’t like taking any more advanced as life can throw un expected surprises.

A year is about average.



When Booking your suppliers.

“They bump the cost up when you mention wedding”

This really frustrates me. Yes the cost is more and this is why.


I am reserving your whole day for up-to 18 months in advanced. My alarm is set at a ridiculous hour to turn up presentable and ready to do my best none stop all morning/ day. I have to re clean my whole kit ready for the next job and re stock products. My products are the best I can find & afford. We do so much behind the scenes. Plus it’s our livelihood. We are self -employed. No holiday pay, no sick pay, no perks of a contracted job and still paying off my student loan which is where I gain my artistry skills. I speak for other suppliers such as photographers and cake makers etc.


Just be aware of why people charge what they charge. I would never put a price on a look but I do price my time, skills and knowledge.



I like to book trials within the same season. Winter, summer. Skin is similar and needs are similar. I change my techniques and products to suit the skin sat in front of me at that time. Colours will generally stay the same. Textures wont these vary as much as your skin.


Within the information I give out , I have a section about coming for your trial. I have discussed this with my Make Up artist friends Lucy Pearson (Kendal) and Olivia Ferrer ( Brentwood). Its best to come alone or with a close friend. People book trials for many reasons. However for me it’s an opportunity for me to get to know you and discover what it is you really want. I can’t do this with people distracting you or giving an inexperienced opinion. Since I rolled out this request, I would say all of my brides say how comfortable and at ease the felt with me on the morning of the wedding.


It is really important to be very open with your artist about what you like and what you don’t like. Sometimes client hold back from telling us what they really want as the think its un achievable. It really is. You can buy extra hair if you need too. Get a dewy look without it sliding off. It is nice to see your options.


Prep & set Up


Make Up – We need daylight. Position our clients facing the window with a table close enough for us to work off.


Hair – Good light with a mirror & plug facing the client.


These can be positioned in different places if needed regardless if you have booked a make- up and hair separate.


Try to allocate plenty of space if you want your bridal party with you though out the morning.


Children are advised to stay clear of the “getting ready” stations.  Kits are packed accordingly and hair tongs are hot and dangerous.

So Mums / Mam’s  are advised to have a special hour to themselves while they are having hair and make – up done. This will need to be considered when planning a schedule for the morning.


Videographer’s and Photographers.


We both have a job to do. I have built up some great friendships with photographers. Some are my best pals. So I also know the effort and hard work they put in for your day.


Have a think about getting ready photo’s. A few in your dressing gowns with hair and make up complete are lovely.

Rollers and a bare face, well that’s up to you.


Each to there own but it can be hard working with someone hovering behind you. Again I like space. So I like to make sure your at least 90% complete by the time they arrive. I also like to get out of the way so the photographer gets a chance to get some great photos of you. They also don’t want my handbag and car keys in shot.



I like a coffee and water. That’s all I need. A swig of champagne is all you need during your time with me.


The bridal party can eat while waiting but not during.  Time this accordingly.


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